The hospitable manor awaits enthusiasts with its exciting exposition, which tells the story of the former owner of the manor and the first user of shale oil – Robert von Toll and his more famous nephew – the polar explorer Eduard von Toll (1858-1902), who went missing searching for the mysterious Sannikov Land. It is in his memory, that the Kukruse manor is named the Polar Manor.

We await you

During the winter time (15.09 – 30.04)
Friday – Sunday: 11.00 – 16.00
Monday – Thursday: open if reserved

Summer time (01.05 – 31.08)
Wednesday – Sunday: 10.00 – 17.00
Monday, Tuesday: closed.

Kukruse Polar Manor

Time travel to the past

An excursion with a guide, during which old-fashioned costumes are tried on; ink and pen is used for writing a letter, which is formed into an historical document and sealed with a real stamp. The excursion also visits the norther pole, where during a genuine polar adventure a snow war will be held and it is also possible to sleigh down a slope.


Educational Programme Photo Hunt in the Kukruse Manor Park

What is most important on a polar expedition? Attention, ability to notice details, draw conclusions, but also teamwork and discipline. That is what our photo hunt is focused on. The children are divided into teams and they are given pictures that are taken in our manor park during different season. The task of the team is to find them and take a new picture so that the whole team would be on it. The cooler the picture the better.


Adventure and fun trail “Visiting a Polar Bear”

The adventure trail “Visiting a Polar Bear” is a playful indoor track for children. The children who have been on the trail know exactly why polar bears don’t eat penguins, why it is more cold in the south than in the north and what does the world look like, when its turned on its side. The children of course also know who are sled dogs and what are they good for. It is of course also possible to play all the snow games, meaning that it is possible to build a castle, have a snow fight and sleigh down a slope. If there is a real winter and snow outside, then it is possible to try to ride a kicksled.


Search for a code

Take out your smartphone and find the QR-codes hidden in the manor with questions and answers, solve the tasks given to you. This is the most fun way of learning, who was the master of the Kukruse manor, what is the Sannikov Land and how we know why mammoths have become extinct.


Puppetry School

Kukruse is a theatre-manor and the favourite form of theatre for children is the puppetry. This is why this is the right place to investigate, where puppetry began, what is the oldest theatre puppet and what types of puppets are there. It is possible to play with different puppets on the spot and learn to make theatrical makeup and to prepare the puppet.