Piano Hall

The Piano Hall has gotten its name for a self-playing piano, due to this, the hall is appropriate for more intimate concerts. The hall is especially beautiful due to the beautifully patterned and embossed wallpaper which allows for the light and shadows of the chandeliers to play on the wall like polar lights. You get the feeling of being at a reception of the Snow Queen. Three high windows open straight to south, due to which the hall is filled with sunlight and warmth. The windows give a magnificent view over the quarter of a century old park and alley. The Piano Hall is left between the two main entrances of the house, giving wonderful opportunities for organising the movement of guests. The rear wall has two high doors opening into the ball room.


A long and narrow ballroom is situated at the northern side of the manor house. Due to its location, the room is always a little cooler, but during the summer it is a great shelter from the heat. The ballroom offers possibilities for celebrating important events and dates with more participants. At the same time, the ballroom is special due to the soundproof sliding doors that make it possible for the hall to be transformed into four cosy salons. This way the centre of the ballroom is transformed into the so-called fireplace salon, which has a fireplace for even further emphasising how comfortable it is there. The windows of the ballroom give a view over the northern part of the park and the not used pond bed.

Additional Information

  1. Please come and see the possibilities and conditions of the Kukruse manor on the spot.
  2. Ask for a price offer. Use the form found on the website or write us an e-mail at info@kukrusemois.ee.
  3. Book a date and pay the booking fee based on the invoice you are sent in the sum of 250.00 (two hundred and fifty) EUR.
  4. The whole fee for the party has to be paid 2 weeks before the party, by the latest.
  5. The order can be cancelled until 1 month before the party is supposed to take place. In the case of a later cancellation, the booking fee will not be reimbursed.

Mõisa seminari või muu ametliku ürituse ostjale on kogu meie olemasoleva tehnika kasutamine tasuta.

  • Tannoy Power V12 aktiivkõlar
  • Tannoy Power VS15BP subwoofer
  • Stumfl 3×2,25 alumiinium raamil mobiilne ekraan (eestprojektsioon)
  • SHARP 5000ANSI lm data/videoprojektor
  • Soundcraft 8 kanaliga mikserpult
  • DVD mängija Denon
  • K&M mikrofonistatiiv 210
  • K&M kõlaristatiiv
  • Kaablid, üleminekud mobiilsele komplektile
  • WIFI ühendus


Mõõtmed Soovitused mõisamööbli paigutuseks
Pindala 64.0m2
Saali pikkus 8,9 m2
Saali laius 7,1 m2
Mõõtmed Soovitused mõisamööbli paigutuseks
Pindala 140.0m2
Saali pikkus 28,7m2
Saali laius 4,9 m2

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